Bitch Puddin' (Ro Ro's brother) and Jalen Dubs fight.


Dubs has been flirting with Ariana again and Ro Ro keeps warning him not to because his godfather, Big Sean will murda him. This doesn't stop Dubs and he keeps going. Dubs does it one more time, not knowing Big Sean is watching him. Big Sean shoots at Dubs and Boatman and the two get away. Big Sean decides to go and get his other godson, Bitch-to-da-Puddin'! Bitch Puddin' chases after Dubs and Boatman and pushes Boatman out of the way. B.P. stabs Dubs in the chest with one of his tentacles and Dubs cuts it off with a knife. Dubs threatens to kill Bitch Puddin' but he laughs and says, "Black nigga please! Like you gon' kill the Notorious B-I-ITCH! I could kill you with my four eyes closed!" Dubs takes him on his offer and B.P. fights blind folded. The fight goes on for hours with Dubs severely injured and his kneecap busted. Jalen asks how B.P. can sense his movements and B.P. explains that he can feel Dubs' every movement, vibration and/or bodily function in his tentacles. Dubs charges and B.P. decides he has had enough and punches dubs in the face, breaks his back, chokes him, and stabs him in the chest. Dubs falls to the floor and B.P. goes home. Dubs is seen severely hurt with Boatman yelling "AMBULANCE!"

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